Day 1 of Week 1

I got up at 6 am this morning (!) and did 30 minutes of the exercises, 3 rounds of the A circuit (there are two circuits, A and B and there are two other workouts, one is mostly sprints, and the other is jumping rope). Circuit A calls for two pull-up exercises with a bar, and since I don’t have it yet (I ordered it but it hasn’t arrived), I skipped those two and just did the lunges, squats and push ups. Those 4 alone are hard enough, if you ask me. I am also concerned about aggravating my sciatica, so I did stretches before the workout and a little in between during breaks. If I pinch that nerve (and I can already feel it becoming pinched) then I won’t be able to do hardly any of the exercises, so I want to make sure I remain flexible. I’m thinking that I should do my yoga in the evenings too, just to remain flexible throughout the day, rather than doing it a little in the morning every day, which won’t be nearly enough to remain flexible. And keep stretching throughout the day while at my desk too, using the StretchBreak app!

I’m excited. I can’t believe I actually did get up at 6 am. I put the alarm clock far away from my bed, so I actually have to get out of bed to turn it off. Otherwise I will usually turn off the alarm and stay in bed longer.

Anyway, this was the first day of exercising and it wasn’t easy, I gotta tell you. The hardest part was balancing, so for the jump lunges, I just kept one arm out eventually to keep my balance and I didn’t switch feet in-between the lunges. The squats were easy enough but I kept worrying about my back. The push ups I did with my knees touching the ground and the pylo pushups I could hardly do at all, so for the third round I just did regular pushups, which Joel says to do: if you have a hard time doing one of the exercises, to just do an easier version of it.

I am pretty hungry. I ate kind of early last night and it was rice with palak paneer, so not exactly the heartiest meal, but hopefully with drinking coffee and then water or tea the rest of the morning, I will make it to 12 pm and then can eat. If I tremble too much (I tend to not do very well when I’m really hungry), then I’ll cheat and eat a little peanut butter or something like that. At least tonight I can eat up to 8 pm. The reason why I’m doing it from 12 pm until 8 pm is because I don’t get home until 6 pm and I want to give myself more time. But it will likely be trial and error, we shall see how I do with holding off until 12 pm to eat. That I think will be pretty tough.


I did pretty good with food today. I didn’t even eat the mini egg omelets I had made. I will eat them tomorrow, I guess and this way I don’t need to bring as much in tomorrow. I figured I would bring in more food than I thought I’d need in case I got really hungry. I think I’ll find that early and mid-mornings are going to be the toughest. As well as wanting something sweet in the evening, like I usually do. Joel said he would often eat one square of dark chocolate and that would reduce cravings. I think that’s a good idea as it doesn’t include very much sugar. Ok. I’m off for home. Excited that today went so well. Doing the same tomorrow!!

10:13 pm

About to go to bed and I’m feeling pretty stuffed even though I really didn’t eat very much today. I’m actually feeling a bit bloated. I wonder if I should measure my intake more accurately so I’ll get a better idea of how many calories I’m consuming, although Joel says to not worry about calorie counting since its more about where the calories came from than about how many. Right now I’m just eating when I’m hungry. I will try to do better about not eating before 12 pm, which I think will become easier as time goes by. In actuality I’m surprised I don’t even miss sweets and that other than my stomach growling this morning, I really didn’t feel hungry at all. More of concern is staying physically fit and flexible so that I don’t strain a muscle or pinch a nerve.