Day 3 of week 1

I did the workout set B this morning minus the 2 exercises that use the pull-up bar (it came last night but I’ll need help installing it). It was a hard workout! Squats, lunges, the burpee (a combo-squat, plus plank, then stand and jump once), and something called the divebomber, which is like a yoga move coming down from downward dog and keeping your nose low to the ground and up into sphinx with your elbows off the ground and then back into downward dog. My legs are killing me!

I went to Thai yoga last night and Portia helped me with my sore legs (the backs of them are very sore!) and that helped quite a bit. I love that yoga class, I always feel so good afterwards.

I am sure that my workouts will get easier. I was really out of shape (still am) but I’m determined to get in better shape and be able to get through the exercises more efficiently and without feeling like they’re killing me (after a few weeks). I am also so excited about this diet. It has been so easy to follow and I’m doing very well with the elimination of dairy and sugar and grains. I don’t miss them yet, although I have been tempted a few times. I ate one tiny piece of dark chocolate last night just for the flavor. Other than that I have not consumed sugar yet the past 2 days.

Tonight I am going to the climbing gym with Mike from work (I hope my legs will not be as sore by then!) because I’ve been wanting to go for a while now, but have put it off. I do think it’s something I might get into. I’m worried about my lack of upper body strength but hopefully I’ll still be able to do some climbing. I’m pretty excited to try something new!

Last night my indoor electric grill also arrived, so from now on, where it makes sense, I will be grilling my meats and vegetables, as it uses a lot less grease. Although grease in this diet is not a no-no, to me it makes sense to keep fat lower. Actually, the article I’m reading this morning says that fat is very good to have in a Paleo diet and to not remove it from the meat. So the grill wasn’t really necessary in the end, but to me it is still worth having on hand because food tends to taste good coming from a grill (although we shall see if that’s the case on an electric grill!).

After reading more about the Paleo diet, I wanted to get my friend Naomi’s opinion, so I wrote to her as she has done so much research and has been experimenting with nutrition in her own life. I wanted her opinion on the no grains, beans and rice aspect of the diet.

I feel like I’m finally embracing what this means: a whole different way of thinking about food and of living my life. Not letting myself get swayed into eating foods that aren’t healthy for my body or that make me feel bad. Allowing my body to change and adapt to a different kind of diet. If I don’t feel good after a month or two on this diet, fine, I’ll start reintroducing those foods back into it. I know Naomi will cheat every once in a while, that she will eat some bread every once in a while. I also can’t see myself cutting rice out of my diet entirely or beans. But perhaps it’s ok if I just have them every so often.

It remains to be seen how strict one will need to be to get the full health benefits. But the idea of grain and things like bread and pasta being unhealthy for me is a very new one and it’s going to take me some time and experience to see if that’s the right choice for me. I also would hate to completely eliminate dairy from my diet, especially cheese and yogurt. I wonder if making my own cheese and yogurt from raw milk would be ok? Just a thought. It could also happen that I don’t end up missing those products at all and just continue on this Paleo type diet for how ever long I want to. A lot of things I would miss: gelato, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, chili, hummus (chick peas are beans), sandwiches, etc. But I am committed to forgoing those items at least for 8 weeks and to find out how different I feel and how different my body feels and looks.