Day 4 of week 1

Yesterday after work I went to the rock climbing gym with Mike (Halsall, who I work with on my team). He showed me how to belay and tie the rope on my harness for climbing before we went so that I would be ready for the test they give you. We got to the gym around 7:00 pm and it was already pretty packed. The test went well and I climbed several of the 5.6 and 5.7 rated climbs. Those are the easiest ones. I also belayed. Mike’s friend Dave was there too. We switched off on each other, sometimes climbing, sometimes belaying. I think I got maybe 4 climbs in.

Even though the climbs were a bit challenging for me, I had a good time. It was too bad it was so crowded there because it meant that we couldn’t just climb the courses we wanted. I think I got a pretty good workout. Today my calves are killing me and I am definitely quite sore. This morning I couldn’t even do any exercises. So I did stretches and a bit of yoga. I might try to get some workout in tonight, although today’s exercise calls for sprints and I haven’t had the chance to buy sneakers yet.

The first time I ever climbed I was scared shitless even though I was on a belay rope. This time I reminded myself that this is the safest way to climb and if you let go, you are safe. That helped to calm my nerves about climbing so high.

I did try a 5.7+ climb but it was a bit too hard for me. I couldn’t figure out how to maneuver myself so that I had a good hold and then my arms gave out. So I gave up. But next time I go, I wouldn’t mind trying that one again. First figuring out a few strategies before I do it, should help. Mike is a good guy and a good climber and therefore good to have along because he teaches as we’re together.

I was pretty hungry this morning because of the second workout last night at the climbing gym. So I cheated a little and had my yogurt/fruit smoothie. I’m glad I did, though, because I definitely wouldn’t have made it to 12:00 without eating anything.

I resisted eating some yummy cookies they had put out at our department meeting. Yay, me!