Today’s nutrition:

8:30 coffee with a dash of soy milk (non-sweetened)

10:30 a handful of blueberries

12:00 salad (baby spinach and iceberg lettuce) with summer squash, red pepper, celery and smoked salmon; 1 avocado with olive oil, lime juice, salt & pepper

3:30 1 small apple

4:30 2 dark chocolate truffles (I cheated, but I couldn’t stand seeing the chocolate truffles I made for my team sit on the desk in our office any longer. No one was eating them so I decided I would. I know. There is sugar in them. Obviously. And milk and butter. But they were so, SO good!)

I am going out to a bar tonight for a few drinks and that will be cheating too because the program calls for eliminating alcohol. But I will try to be good. One drink, maybe two. That’s all.

And if I get hungry, I shall attempt to eat only a salad or some meat without the bread. We shall see. Such temptations!

5:00 2 rums and cokes (should have had gin and tonics!)