Day 5 of week 1

So yesterday I did no workout at all except for stretching. I had thought to do the workout in the evening but I got involved with laundry and getting the car to Paul, so I didn’t do it then. I’m glad I took a break, as this morning my legs were still very sore (especially my calves).

I did the workout this morning (workout A) and again skipped the pull ups because of the lack of pull up bar. I asked Paul about a drill and he’ll get me one when I see him this weekend.

The workout consisted of push ups (pylo, which I just can’t do and regular ones), squats and jump lunges (I did regular lunges). It was still very strenuous for me and I don’t feel bad that I modified the workout, not to mention it already did take 30 minutes to complete along with my stretching before hand.

I’m not noticing any change to my body yet, other than the soreness, but I do with the diet, namely that I find I’m not hungry at all during the day once I have had that first meal. My first snack to take the hunger pangs off is small, usually a handful or two of nuts or a handful of blueberries (after always the cup of coffee without sugar I do earlier in the morning).

Lunch has been salad mixed with a protein (mostly meat) and then a piece of fruit or some hummus with celery. Today I have a salad with smoked salmon and an apple. This morning I ate blue berries to get me through the morning.

Yesterday I actually got home a bit earlier and ate around 5:30 and wasn’t hungry all night, but since I knew I wouldn’t be eating until 11:00 or so the next day, I did eat a handful of blueberries around 8:00.

So yeah, no fat loss that I can tell yet, but I’m waiting to weigh myself until Sunday because I don’t think this first week I’ll see much of a difference. I am taking it slowly with the exercising (as much as it’s very strenuous to do them) because I don’t want to hurt myself. Later on I think I can get more vigorous on the exercising. I may also throw in some extra exercising such as the Jillian Michaels DVD workouts I have or perhaps taking a nice long walk after work or during work hours or on weekends. I only cheated on my diet once with the kefir smoothie and I still have unopened yogurt at home which I think I’ll have this weekend with some fruit, which is another cheat item, but reasonable as it’s fruit and it’s not low-fat yogurt.

I’m excited to see if I lost any weight come Sunday. I’m also pretty proud of myself for the exercising each day and getting up early to do that.