Day 7 of week 1

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So I got through a whole week of this program. I’m feeling pretty good about it, even though I only lost 1.5 lbs. Still, progress is progress and since I also didn’t have the pull-up bar and couldn’t do all the exercises in the workout program, I’m not too surprised that I didn’t lose as much weight as I expected. Also, the jump roping was very hard for me to maintain for 1 full minute. I did the jump roping again yesterday but only for 10 minutes and again I was only able to get 30 seconds of jumping and then needed 1 minute of rest in between. So I’m definitely not doing as strenuous a workout as I would like. My body just isn’t capable yet. I do find that regulating my breathing makes jump roping easier. That’s the part that is hard for me: the breathing. I just lose my breath because I’m not used to working my heart rate up that high.

I did cheat on some of the foods I ate. I have two brand new containers of yogurt and had half a container of kefir and wanted to use them up. I held off eating any of the yogurt until yesterday and I had it without any added sweetener and some blueberries and cherries. However, this entire week I did not have a single piece of bread or cracker or anything else related to wheat. So that I did very good on.

Another item I had this week that was a cheat was 2 rum and cokes. Next time I go out drinking I’ll drink wine or perhaps gin and tonic, since there’s less sugar in that. Coke alone was the wrong choice, but I won’t let it happen again. The thing is that I can’t have hard cider, which is what I usually drink, and the only thing I could think of was the rum/coke. But next time I will try something else. I’ll also look up some alcohol recipes that don’t have as much sugar. Although the program does say to avoid alcohol completely. I think I’ll be fine without drinking any or just very little considering I don’t go out much.

The good part about this past week is that I do FEEL good. I feel good about myself for doing what I’ve been doing and I feel good physically. I know I only lost the 1.5 lbs but I do think the workout and diet is changing my body’s composition. Obviously, it’s only been ONE week, but I do feel better already. I miss dairy a bit, I miss sugar. I had 4 pieces of chocolate this week because I wanted that taste in my mouth. Surprisingly I don’t miss the pasta or bread. And I’ve eaten healthier than I usually do. So keeping this up will be very good for me.

I also want to track how much this costs me versus my regular way of eating. I do think it will cost more. Especially as I’ve been buying things like shrimp, fish, smoked salmon, good olive oil, and good meat, most of it at Whole Foods. Last week’s bill came to $170 and this week’s came to $103. But I still have a lot of last week’s food left over and I know even what I bought this week will last me quite a while. I’m sure I could also cut a bit back on the more expensive stuff like the ones I mentioned above.

I also have been sleeping better, getting into bed as close to 10:00 as possible and getting up at 6:00, sometimes a bit later.