Day 2 of week 2

I did the sprints workout this morning! I sprinted for 20 minutes. This is how I did:

I wore my new shoes and workout pants. I wore a t-shirt and over that a light jacket. I probably could’ve worn a long-sleeve t-shirt under the jacket instead and worn gloves because my arms and hands were cold (it’s cold in the winter in New England!). I want to find out where I can get some gloves that runners wear.

I went out around 6:45 am after doing a short stretching session to stretch my hamstrings and hips and lower back. I walked to the street closest to me that barely sees traffic in the morning. It’s a short street with just houses on it and spans between Mass Ave and Wildwood Ave. I can’t say for sure, but it looks like the street is about 100 meters long. I selected two points on each end to start and finish. I ran two laps, to the end of the street and back and then walked one lap. Repeated. As I got more tired, I just ran one lap and walked one lap. I did this until the 20 minutes were up. It worked really well. I was tired by the end, but not heaving. I want to work it up so that I run two laps and walk one the whole way through. I didn’t keep count, but I probably did about 4-5 double laps running and 3 single laps running. All in all, I’m very happy with myself. It was a bit dark out when I went out, which I liked, as it must’ve looked odd that I was walking and running back and forth on that street.

The other part of today’s workout was hanging static from the bar, with legs raised above hip level, straight out. I could only do 3 seconds and couldn’t get my legs as high as my hips. I’m hoping that after a week of doing more of the pull-up exercises, I’ll begin to build strength in my arms and shoulders. I’m pretty weak in those areas right now.

Also, even though I ate out for lunch today (I had a working meeting and we went over to the Hyatt for lunch), I managed to keep to my food program of no carbs. I did have a tiny bit of dairy as there was a bit of goat cheese in my salad and I put some cream in my coffee to cool it down enough so I could drink it. But no sugar, no bad carbs. It was such a big salad (lobster Cobb salad) that I wasn’t even all that hungry when I got home around 7:00 and it was a bit too late to eat dinner, but I did anyway, just a turkey burger and half an avocado with the tomato concassee with herbs.

I’m especially pleased with myself for the workout this morning. It went much better than I expected and I’m very happy with my new shoes and pants for running in. I just will have to buy a good running jacket at some point and the gloves but that isn’t a high priority at the moment. I’ll manage with what I have for now.