Day 7 of week 2

It is day 14 and I weighed in this morning.

My weigh-in shows I lost another 1.5 pounds. Not as much as I hoped. I lost a another inch off my hips too.

I’m wondering if the dairy and fruits I am eating are preventing me from losing as much as I’d like to. So starting on Monday I will cut those out entirely and see if it makes any difference. Also, I will cut back on the amount of nuts I eat in one day.

Other than that, I think I will have less of a problem with the exercises (I had to skip some of them because I didn’t have the equipment or they were way too hard, especially the pull-up ones on the bar). I have found ways to modify the hard ones that I was just skipping almost entirely. I think the ones Joel shows in his tutorial are for people who are already really strong. It is discouraging when you can’t even do one chin-up. So I will do other arm and shoulder workouts with my dumbbells and work my way up to being stronger that way. Then when I have gained more strength in my arms, chest and shoulders, I will do the pull-ups and chin-ups. I’ll still try to do them, but not work myself into disappointment when trying to do them during a workout routine.

It’s also a bit disappointing that I have only lost 3 pounds since I started this program. When I compare it to what Joel [Runyon] says he lost, I’m losing much more slowly. I have to keep in mind that he was already a very active person and he’s a guy with much more upper body strength than me. So I’m silly to compare us. Still, I would like to see a much more drastic change in me, so I’m going to see what I can do to the diet and workouts like I mention above. And no more cheating on food!