Day 2 of week 3

I did 20 minutes of jump-rope this morning. Instead of timing my jumps, I just jumped until I was tired, rested until I caught my breath and then continued again. So I have no idea how long my jumping sessions were, but all in all, I think I’m getting better. My breaks seem to be a bit shorter.

I skipped the knees to elbows portion because I ran out of time, but I’ll get those done later today. I also have my Thai yoga class after work.

Yesterday I made soup, a curry chicken soup with a bit of potato in it and coconut milk, chicken stock and cilantro. I added both Thai curry paste and regular powdered curry (see the recipe in a later post). It came out really good. There’s nothing like a soup in the winter time.

I am surprised that after two weeks I’m only down 3 pounds, but I also wonder if perhaps I’ve gained some muscle, which wouldn’t be surprising with the added exercise I’m doing. However, I don’t think I’ve done that much strengthening, because the first week I didn’t have the pull-up bar. However, I am still going to cut certain foods out even more to see if there’s a big difference in my weight loss this week. I will cut back on the nuts and the fruits and cut dairy out completely and then see where things stand.

Although I am determined to stick to the plan for the 8 weeks, I am not convinced that I need to be this strict with the diet after the 8 weeks are up. I am thinking of reintroducing some wheat-based and dairy-based foods back into my diet, but in severe moderation. Perhaps only consuming those once a week. Perhaps designate a dairy/wheat day once a week or once every two weeks. Then see if I notice any fluctuation in my weight or how I feel.

I have to say, even though the scale isn’t saying I lost much weight, I feel stronger in my core from the exercises. I do quite a bit of stretching and yoga before doing the workouts and I think that is also helping me, not only to be more flexible but also to prevent myself from getting hurt during the workouts. I do notice an increase in flexibility and also a strengthening in my arms, as I can now pull up higher on the bar and my reps are increasing during my workouts. It’s slow, but definitely progress.

Being in the third week feels great! I am just as determined as ever and I’m still not missing those other foods, nor am I doing any cheating outside the 8 hour window. I’m really trying to be good for these 2 months so that the results will really stand out and I have something to show for those who will follow my blog. I don’t want to let them down nor do I want to let me down.