Day 3 of week 3

This morning I woke up without the alarm at probably 6 or 6:30 but I was being lazy and didn’t get out of bed until 7. So I didn’t have time to do my entire workout. I did one round and then decided to do the rest after I get home tonight.

I’m glad I can wake up without the alarm. Now I just need to force myself out of bed as soon as I wake up. Otherwise the whole purpose is kind of moot.

The workout today was the strengthening workouts, all indoors, which I was glad about as today it is freezing here in Boston. If I had had to do sprints today, I likely would’ve skipped them, as I would’ve frozen my ass off. I don’t have the right kind of running gear (clothing) to run outside in freezing cold weather. I may have to address this if it remains being as chilly as it was today.

I feel stronger. I am able to do go higher when doing the pull-ups on the bar and I can do more reps of the body-row exercise and even the squats and lunges. I am therefore building muscle. So I do wonder if my lack of losing “pounds” has more to do with that I’m losing fat but at the same time am gaining muscle so the difference in weight isn’t going to be as noticeable. The more noticeable items are going to be the measurements.

I did the waist/hip ratio measurement that Robb Wolf’s book says to do and I came out at a .74. He says women over .8 need to be concerned with their health.

I had Thai yoga last night and although that’s not a strengthening form of yoga (all the exercises are for lying down), it is a flexibility-assisting form of yoga and in addition there is Thai massage involved and Portia, the instructor, has been helping me with my shoulders and neck. That is where I tighten up. I know it’s because I sit at a computer all day and that I have bad posture when sitting. I try to improve on it, but it’s not always easy when you sit for that long. I do take stretch breaks every 30 minutes or so, but not all the time.