Day 4 of week 3

Today I really did have to skip the running (sprints) portion of the workout because it was just too cold out (4 degrees fahrenheit). So today (day 18), I did the rest of day 17’s workout (I had only done one round, so today I did the other two rounds) and when I got home I finished day 16’s workout, which was the knees to elbows exercise. Rather than doing them from the pull-up bar, I do them on the floor and don’t let my legs touch the floor or my lower back lift up off the floor, this way I’m using my ab muscles the whole time.

I shuffled the workouts around so I could get the sprints in on this coming Saturday (day 20) and I moved day 20’s workout to day 21, which is the resting day, normally. I will likely be sore after working myself so much this weekend, but it’s the only way I figure I can still get all the workouts in.

I also don’t mind if I run out of time in the morning and need to finish the workout I started later in the day. That’s what I did today, sort of. This morning I did the two rounds that I had missed on day 17 and this afternoon I did day 16’s second half. Some days in the mornings I just don’t have enough time to do the full 30 minutes. I’d rather do that than leave the entire workout for the evening, because when I get home I am usually less in the mood to workout, what with needing to get some other things done and often needing to cook as well.