Day 6 of week 3

Today I did try to do my sprints outside but I could only stand it for 6 minutes. It was very cold, there was still a dusting of snow on the ground and therefore slippery and it was later in the day, so I couldn’t run on the street where there was less snow because of the cars. I also need to buy myself some gear for running in the cold. For example gloves, and a better jacket. I will look online.

Instead of finishing the sprints today, I will do 8 minutes of jump roping and I will also finish up the rest of the exercises that I didn’t get to yesterday. Tomorrow I will rest. I do think it’s important to have that rest day.

I have been feeling stronger and more flexible. I try to stretch every day and get some yoga moves in, it just makes me feel good and I do it to avoid hurting myself during the workouts. Strange thing is, after I do my stretches in the morning, the spasm in my right buttock feels even worse than before the stretching. I’m not sure what that means. Portia, my yoga instructor, has been helping me with my upper back, shoulders and neck, but I feel just as stiff there not soon after. I don’t know if it’s the way I carry myself or how I sit, but I’m beginning to try to be more conscious of it so that I don’t tense up that area. I’m sure that must be it. I’ve always done it and its tough to prevent it from happening.

When I stretch in the evenings, I am much more flexible. I try to do stretches when I’m at my desk at work too. But sometimes I can sit at my desk at home for hours and forget to get up and stretch. I would love to be much more flexible than I am, also because it would help me with yoga moves.

This week I slacked a bit on getting up and exercising right away, so next week I want to get back on target and exercise early so that I can get the entire workouts in. I also want to stop cheating, because twice this week I ate things I shouldn’t have: a piece of pizza and a chocolate chip cookie.

I have read two books on the Paleo diet. The first one: “The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet” by Robb Wolf. I have another book on the Paleo diet and it had much stricter rules about what to eat: “The Paleo Diet” by Loren Cordain.  On the don’t eat list were things like peanuts (which apparently is a legume, not a nut) and therefore peanut butter is also out. Also on that list are sweet potatoes and regular potatoes. Joel’s list says sweet potatoes are ok and potatoes are ok in moderation. I think I will stick with Joel’s interpretation, as these are still natural, non-processed foods. I also watched a video of a guy following the diet and he does consume milk, but only raw milk. So I’m going to try that too as soon as the 8 weeks are done. I’d love to make my own yogurt from raw milk. This week I stayed away from dairy altogether.