Day 6 of week 4

Today I skipped my regular workout that was scheduled for today and instead went for a brisk one-hour walk around Fresh Pond. I arranged to go with Kelley, my neighbor, to a Meetup event at the Whole Foods near the Fresh Pond Reservoir. It’s with a walking group that primarily walks the Boston parks and I thought, why the hell not, it will get me outside, doing exercise and give me a chance to meet new people.

I liked it. I spent most of my time walking together with a guy named Larry, who lives in Nashua. The walk was good, though, even though it was cold. The sun was out which helped. I believe the walk is about 2.5 miles, give or take a few yards. But it was perfect for the type of weather and for the amount of time I wanted to spend in the company of strangers.

After the walk we were invited to have lunch, but neither Kelley or I wanted to hang out with them after the walk, Kelley, because she didn’t have money to spend on lunch, and me, because I just wanted to get back home as I had a whole list of things to get done today.

I am now sitting down to my lunch (1:45 pm, finally! I haven’t eaten all day, unless you count a handful of nuts), and am just figuring out my next steps today.

I don’t want to make it a habit to skip my regular workouts, but I do think it helps to keep the program interesting if you swap out the regular workouts for something completely different that is just as intensive physically. I also really wanted to do something physical outside, rather than in my apartment, as that can get old pretty fast too. I’m glad I went. I managed to make it to a late lunch by having a handful of nuts to tide me over. I had a cup of tea before leaving the house, too.