Day 7 of week 4

I really can’t believe it has been 4 weeks and I’m half-way through! I’m so proud of myself, for losing those 4.5 lbs and also for the nutrition and exercising that I’ve been maintaining throughout this entire time. I’m just as enthusiastic about it now as I was in the beginning. In fact, I feel even better about it, because I’ve come this far and because I’m starting to see such great results, and I feel so great too. I like the way clothes are fitting better, I like that less is jiggling around. I just overall feel so much better and it’s also been a good thing for me emotionally.

I saw this video on the woman who did the Julia Childs cooking blog, Julie Powell (the movie “Julie and Julia” is based partly on her blog). When asked why she wanted to do it, she said it was “to do something everyday that was something specifically for me.” It was her way of getting out of her rut, to feel creative, to see if she could do it (a challenge), and to feel good about herself.

That is exactly why I wanted to do this Impossible Abs program. It was to get me out of my rut and to feel I can handle a challenge and succeed. You have to start somewhere, right? I knew I needed to get into better shape, I knew I wasn’t happy about the way my body was getting flabby and fat and I just needed to get going on something to fix it. So I did.

I am so glad I did, and even if I don’t make it to my end goals of lbs and inches off, I will be happy anyway, because I can continue on and keep going and find other ways to help me reach my goals.

One thing I did notice when I went walking yesterday is that my back is still in rough shape. I have always had a weak back, a back that will easy feel sore when I walk or stand for long periods of time. Also especially if I haven’t stretched in a while and then try to do something strenuous. I don’t know what I can do to minimize my back pain. I do the yoga and that helps. Now that I’m doing stretches every morning, I thought I’d feel much better, but in the end, I still am stiff because I sit all day long at work. And my bed is not the best bed either, it’s rather stiff and doesn’t allow my joints to relax, my shoulders and hips are always sore when I wake up. But stretching is the one thing that does help, even if it is mimimally.

If I need to take it easy walking, running, perhaps even biking, I had better find a way to strengthen my back. I was doing the yogalates which is strengthening (Pilates) along with stretching (yoga) for several years up until last December. I just do yoga now and maybe that is my problem. However, now I’m doing the workouts in the IA (Impossible Abs) program. IA does for me what Pilates was doing. It makes me stronger. And I think in the end I will be stronger than I was before. I’m certainly not going to give up until I can do a set of real pull-ups without the pauses or feet touching the ground. It may be worth it for me to go to a gym and to tell them about my back and perhaps there are exercises they can recommend.

All I know is that after Saturday’s walk (and also having lifted some heavy things earlier that morning when I picked up some things from Paul’s old apartment) my back, legs and hips were killing me. I don’t want my back to limit me in being physical, so I have to find a good way to work with this.