Today’s nutrition:

10:30 mixed nuts

12:30 half an omelet with ham and onions; salad with Boston lettuce, cucumber and yellow pepper w/balsamic vinegar; half a plain grapefruit; 1 small oatmeal cookie (this last item is a cheat, couldn’t resist, I LOVE oatmeal cookies!)

6:30 mixed nuts

7:30-8:30 I ate over at Jacqui’s house, so didn’t have much choice for eating Paleo. Items I had: 2 small pieces of smoked salmon on whole grain bread; 1 cracker with goose liver pate; 2 glasses wine; a few potato chips; Chinese glazed beef and chicken (General Gao’s), small portion white rice with eggs and spinach; 2 shrimp dumplings; 1 small piece vanilla cake (removed icing) plus peach sorbet and strawberries