I skipped working out this morning because I got up too late. Had a late night last night and didn’t sleep very well (see my notes about my food intake last night). I do have my Thai yoga class tonight, but when I get home afterwards, I will do the jump rope workout. The schedule calls for sprinting, but you’re not going to see me running on icy and snowy, puddly roads and sidewalks. Just not that gung-ho on running, I guess. I think jump roping is a good alternative for when the weather forces you to say inside. Maybe that’s a cop-out. Maybe it’s weak. But that’s the way I work. Ha.

This gave me inspiration to keep trying:

You are more than that.
More than your problems. Your mistakes.
Your failures. Less-than-stellar performances.
You are LIMITLESS potential. Goodness. Inspiration.
You are capability. Unbridled magic.
Every day, you get to choose. And create.
Every day, choose YOU.
Every day, create your own destiny.

~ From Your Life Your Way