Day 2 of week 6

Thoughts about yesterday:

It is quite amazing how different my body feels after I’ve consumed items that are not in the Paleo realm. The sugar and alcohol caused me sleep restlessly, as I expected. I woke up at 3:30 parched. Although that could’ve also been because I forgot to turn on my humidifier in my bedroom. The morning afterwards (Feb 12th), I didn’t feel well in my stomach either, bloated, and hurting (cramps). It went away after I went to the bathroom. All I could think of was getting rid of the food from my body as soon as possible. To cleanse it again. So funny how I have quickly come to think of those foods as poison or garbage. I think it’s knowing how clean I feel on the Paleo diet versus when I’m eating anything and everything.

I am not sorry I ate the foods I did last night. I suppose I could’ve skipped dessert, could’ve skipped the wine, not eaten the crackers and bread. But how often will I really be doing this? I also didn’t want to insult Jacqui, who always puts on a great spread, especially the appetizers. She is French, after all. I think it does take quite a lot of discipline to not give in and eat everything.