Day 7 of week 6

My weigh-in this morning showed me that having “cheated” 4 different times this week on the food, and skipping several of the workouts caused my weight to go from 133 back to 135 lbs. I am disappointed, but I know that I can fix it with getting back on schedule for the next two weeks.

My disappointment prevented me from feeling like doing any other status report, including the photos or video. If I gained 2 lbs back, then I’m not going to look any different than I did two week ago. Part of my problem is that I don’t get up early enough and also do not want to run outside in the cold.

I will fix this by getting some good outdoor running gear, but that doesn’t help the problem of the ice and puddles on the ground. Damn winter! Still, I have no excuse when I skip my workouts altogether, even the substitute workouts.

I also need to stick with the diet much better than I did this past week. I fell off the diet several times and more than I would like. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating extremely healthy. It just means that if I’m consuming more carbs and starch, then I will likely need to not skip the workouts and maybe even add additional workouts to work off the extra heavy foods.