Day 5 of week 7

I knew I was going to be buying both my lunch and dinner out today. I am always fearful that there is nothing on the menu that I can make “paleo” so I tend to pick a dish that looks like it has the lowest ratio of carbs to “paleo” ingredients on the plate, so that I can eat the paleo stuff on the plate and ignore the carbs. I could have done this with the dinner, for example, eaten everything but the fries. Unfortunately, I’m not that disciplined, it appears, because I made a pretty good dent in the fries, even if I didn’t eat them all.

The salad bar should have been easy to do without putting carbs in my salad, but unfortunately, this salad bar didn’t have very many options and I was afraid that I would not feel satisfied with just greens and an egg, so I added the chickpeas and grape leave wraps for more heartiness and the feta cheese for taste. It’s a delicate balancing act. I also know those margaritas I had with dinner were filled with sugar, and even though I considered just getting a shot of tequila without the sweet mixer, I was eating at a table, so that would have been more challenging.

The best I can say about eating out and trying to do it paleo is to do the best you can. It’s not always going to work the way you want it to. And if you order something that has an ingredient that is not paleo in it, don’t be afraid to ask them to leave that off and replace it with another item. For example, what I know I should have done is asked them to replace the fries with a chefs salad or something like that. However, I hadn’t realized when I ordered the dinner that the fries came with it. Otherwise I might have.