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I have weighed myself the past two mornings and am now down to 130.5 pounds. I’m also continuing with yoga and exercise as well as the diet. I think this is working for me!


I’ve been terrible the past week with keeping up with the blog. I promise I shall fill you in on the past week and all that I didn’t have time to share up to this point.

Today I weigh 132 lbs. This means I lost 6.5 lbs since January 6th, when it was 138.5. I really think I lost more like 8 lbs., as my average weight has been 140 for the past few years.

Here are side-by-side comparison shots (the left is today, March 3rd, 2013, 132.0 lbs, the right is the day I started, January 6, 2013, 138.5 lbs):

IMG_1346 IMG_1003_2

IMG_1353 Status photo

Quite a difference, even at just 8 lbs. My theory is that I must have gained muscle mass, because I do feel stronger and the weight loss was so gradual, that it would make sense that with dieting plus exercise, you’re gaining muscle while you’re also losing fat.

What now? I want to keep going! I want to get stronger and even leaner. Maybe another 5 lbs. to go and just keeping up the habit of daily exercise and eating right. I did it and I can keep doing it. I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself.


Completion of 8-Week Impossible Abs programMarch 4th, 2013
8 weeks completed!

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