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Day 1 of week 2

Today I purchased pants for running in, that can probably double as yoga or other workout pants. I also bought a pair of running shoes. I got the pants from The Gap for $20 on sale and the shoes are New Balance shoes (very light-weight) purchased for $105 from City Sports. The type is called Vibram and they are minimal running shoes, meaning they have very little support and are very light-weight.

My running shoes

My running shoes

I had only wanted to spend $65 total but all the shoes I saw were $100 or more. Yeah, I had to spend some money, but I think in the end I’ll be glad I did. I have no idea how I’ll do running, as I’ve always been a terrible runner. But I am sure I can work up some endurance if I start slow and work my way up into longer sprints. The Abs program calls for only short bursts of 50 meter sprints and pauses in between for a total of 20 min. So I figure I can circle around a block and measure my sprints that way. I’ll have no idea if I’m really doing 50 meter sprints, but I can eye it. I’ll bring my phone as a timer.

I am doing a lot of things I have never done before and it’s not easy to start all these new things and be good at them right away. In fact I know it will take me weeks to do simple things like pull ups. I tried doing some this morning and I could get my chin nowhere near the bar. I wonder if there are other workouts I could try outside of the program to work up my strength.



Completion of 8-Week Impossible Abs programMarch 4th, 2013
8 weeks completed!

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