Today’s nutrition:

12:00 turkey burger and salad (same as yesterday)

3:30 4 pieces dark chocolate

5:30 broccoli/leek/potato soup


I did my food shopping today as well: went to Whole Foods and spent about $150.

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Today’s nutrition:

9:30 plain tea

11:00 1 turkey burger (see yesterday) with left-over salad from yesterday

12:00 mixed nuts

6:00 2 eggs over-easy with salad (cucumber, avocado, yellow pepper and lettuce)

7:30-8:30 half a beer; a vodka w/tonic and lime juice

Day 7 of week 6

My weigh-in this morning showed me that having “cheated” 4 different times this week on the food, and skipping several of the workouts caused my weight to go from 133 back to 135 lbs. I am disappointed, but I know that I can fix it with getting back on schedule for the next two weeks.

My disappointment prevented me from feeling like doing any other status report, including the photos or video. If I gained 2 lbs back, then I’m not going to look any different than I did two week ago. Part of my problem is that I don’t get up early enough and also do not want to run outside in the cold.

I will fix this by getting some good outdoor running gear, but that doesn’t help the problem of the ice and puddles on the ground. Damn winter! Still, I have no excuse when I skip my workouts altogether, even the substitute workouts.

I also need to stick with the diet much better than I did this past week. I fell off the diet several times and more than I would like. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating extremely healthy. It just means that if I’m consuming more carbs and starch, then I will likely need to not skip the workouts and maybe even add additional workouts to work off the extra heavy foods.

Today’s nutrition:

10:00 hot chocolate with organic sugar and almond milk

1:30 a turkey burger with sun dried tomato, hot sauce and basil; side of salad: tomato, cucumber, avocado, yellow pepper and Boston lettuce; dressing with olive oil, lemon juice and spices.

turkey burger and salad

turkey burger and salad

6:30 (Ate out at Johnny D’s): pork ribs with sweet bbq sauce, mashed potatoes with cheese and asparagus; 4 vodka tonics

I ate out quite a lot this week, for 4 different meals. The only two meals I did pretty good with were the two lunches. The dinners were less Paleo than I would have preferred. I think it’s tough having a social life and eating with friends or family while still trying to do a Paleo diet. I suppose I could have asked the server to modify the food for me. I could say: leave off the rice or potatoes, which I didn’t do. Maybe it’s because I hate to be a bother when it comes to ordering in a restaurant, and I can easily just put those items to the side of the plate if I don’t want them. For today’s dinner I only had a few bites of the potatoes.

I figured also that this week will just be a wash, considering I did not stay 100% Paleo.


I like the first line: “The audacity is in the living, not in the choosing.” Sometimes we make the wrong choices. Sometimes we are fearless and go for something and it ends up not being what we wanted or expected. But we had life. We lived through it. We faced pain and humiliation because of it. As it says: “Right or wrong can never be anything but small things in the face of your gigantic, intrepid spirit.” Right or wrong, those are small stepping stones in the road called life. Living is what this life is all about. Choose and live and feel and experience the loss and pain and humility and gratitude and confusion.

It means no regrets.

It means that even wrong choices can be amazing if we look back on them with gratitude and understanding and respect.

Today’s nutrition:

10:00 mixed nuts, coffee (plain)

12:00 baked salmon, potatoes and veggies, salad (from local Zygo’s cafe)

3:00 3 pieces dark chocolate

7:00 2-egg omelet with ham and onion, topped with one tomato, basil and olive oil

8:00 4 pieces dark chocolate

Today’s nutrition:

9:45 coffee (plain)

10:00 mixed nuts and raisins

12:00 green soup and salad

7:45 green soup; chocolate truffles (didn’t count how many, anyway, it’s Valentine’s Day)

Today’s nutrition:

10:30 coffee

12:30 Ate out for lunch: Thai massaman curry with tiny bit brown rice (chicken, vegetables (no starchy veggies), and massaman curry sauce with peanuts made with coconut milk)

7:30 Homemade green soup: broccoli, onion and baby spinach, cooked with homemade chicken broth, then finely mixed in the mixer, re-heated and added chicken/turkey sausage (yum!)

8:30 4 pieces dark chocolate

Today’s nutrition:

9:00 plain coffee

10:30 mixed nuts

12:15 half an omelet (ham, onion); salad with lettuce, cucumber, yellow pepper and balsamic vinaigrette

7:30 garlic and butter shrimp with salad (lettuce, yellow pepper, cucumber); 3 pieces dark chocolate

I skipped working out this morning because I got up too late. Had a late night last night and didn’t sleep very well (see my notes about my food intake last night). I do have my Thai yoga class tonight, but when I get home afterwards, I will do the jump rope workout. The schedule calls for sprinting, but you’re not going to see me running on icy and snowy, puddly roads and sidewalks. Just not that gung-ho on running, I guess. I think jump roping is a good alternative for when the weather forces you to say inside. Maybe that’s a cop-out. Maybe it’s weak. But that’s the way I work. Ha.

This gave me inspiration to keep trying:

You are more than that.
More than your problems. Your mistakes.
Your failures. Less-than-stellar performances.
You are LIMITLESS potential. Goodness. Inspiration.
You are capability. Unbridled magic.
Every day, you get to choose. And create.
Every day, choose YOU.
Every day, create your own destiny.

~ From Your Life Your Way


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